SAPPHIRE FleX Radeon R7 250X 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card 100367FLEX For Sale


  • 1GB 128-Bit GDDR5
  • Core Clock 1000 MHz
  • 1 x DVI-I
  • 1 x DVI-D 1 x HDMI 1 x DisplayPort
  • 640 Stream Processors
  • PCI Express 3.0
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SAPPHIRE FleX Radeon R7 250X 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card 100367FLEX For Sale

The SAPPHIRE FleX 100367FLEX Radeon R7 250X is powered by an AMD Radeon R7 250X GPU, the latest AMD graphics technology that delivers evolved performance and lower power consumption at a budget-friendly price. Radeon R7 250X is based on AMD generation 28nm GCN architecture, and comes with support for DirectX 11.2 for improved graphics in the hottest games. AMD App Acceleration boosts your everyday applications. And with DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort connectors, you can build multi-monitor environments for enhanced viewing and productivity.

This model comes with Sapphire FleX Technology that allows you to connect three monitors directly with three onboard DVI outputs, with no DP monitor or adapter required.

  • neweggSAPPHIRE FLEX TECHNOLOGY – 3 DVI EYEFINITY OUT OF THE BOXTargeting maximum flexibility with minimum outlay, Sapphire FleX Technology simplifies AMD’s multi-monitor Eyefinity solution by allowing three DVI monitors to be connected to the board ‘out of the box’ WITHOUT the requirement for expensive DisplayPort monitors or Active Adapters.
  • neweggDIRECTX 11.2The tessellation performance on AMD’s Radeon R7/R9 series is up to two times faster than the previous generation, and DirectCompute performance is also faster to accelerate advanced post-processing, filtering, and anti-aliasing techniques. Direct X11 games have never looked this good.
  • neweggMANTLEThere’s optimization, and then there’s Mantle. Games enabled with Mantle speak the language of GCN architecture to unlock revolutionary performance and image quality. It’s a game-changing innovation developed by AMD.
  • neweggAMD APP ACCELERATIONAMD App Acceleration is a set of technologies designed to improve video quality and enhance application performance. Full enablement of some features requires support for OpenCL, DirectCompute, or DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA).
  • neweggAMD POWERTUNE TECHNOLOGYAMD PowerTune is a breakthrough technology that sets an entirely new direction for maximum performance at TDP. It allows the GPU to be designed with higher engine clock speeds which can be applied on the broad set of applications that have thermal headroom.
  • neweggAMD HD3D TECHNOLOGYEnjoy the most immersive experience possible with full support for High Definition Stereoscopic 3D, a technique that presents 2D images (movies, games, photos) in a format that creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth when using compatible 3D displays/glasses/software.


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